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Peacock’s Battlestar Galactica is a spin-off of the 2004 series


Peacock’s Battlestar Galactica is a spin-off of the 2004 series

The recently-announced “Battlestar Galactica” revival for NBCU streaming service Peacock isn’t so much a ‘reboot’ as it is a ‘spin-off’, the network reiterated today.

At a launch for the streamer, which hits April 15, both a mass of programming as well as pricing options were revealed. Among the programming, original content like the “Galactica” series. Set in the same universe as the 2004 SyFy series, the spin-off is rumored to fix on the first Cylon War and will be written and directed by some of the folks associated with the acclaimed, award-winning series. Sam Esmail is producing the series, and in an interview late last year revealed that the show wouldn’t do-over the BSG story.

“The word “reboot” was used when we were first talking about it, and I cringed”, Esmail said. “Ronald Moore, he just hit it out of the park with his series, so why would I even want to touch that? I talked to him and said, “A, are you OK with this? And B, if you are, how do we proceed?” He said he was OK with it as long as it wasn’t a reboot — which was in line with what I was thinking. But the world of Battlestar Galactica is so rich, the mythology is so interesting, that I think there is a lot to pick from and explore.”

To help get newbies up to speed with every bit of “BSG” jargon and history point, Peacock will be streaming the original SyFy mini-series and subsequent series when it launches.

Initially, Universal were looking at rebooting “Battlestar Galactica” as a bigscreen venture, with Bryan Singer once attached to helm.

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