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Mattea Conforti on AMC’s NOS4A2, the pandemic, and Zachary Quinto


Mattea Conforti on AMC’s NOS4A2, the pandemic, and Zachary Quinto

Mattea Conforti plays Millie Manx, Zachary Quinto’s onscreen daughter on the hit AMC series “NOS4A2”.

To coincide with the launch of the second season we had a chance to catch up with Mattea to chat all things “NOS4A2”, working with Zachary Quinto and how she’s been coping during the pandemic.  


How are you coping during the lockdown?

Well, for me, the most important thing is that I am healthy, and so are my family and friends.  At first being on lockdown was a bit surreal, and definitely, something straight out of a movie.  My school became virtual, and it was hard for me to go from a very busy life, and always being on the move, to staying put for an extended period of time.  But I learned to make the most of my time at home with my family.  We have family dinners every night, which was something we did not do that often before everything shut down, because we were all so busy.  I’ve definitely spent a lot of time outdoors, I take online ballet classes, virtual voice lessons, and I’ve discovered a lot of great shows and movies to binge!!


Has it affected your work much?

The lockdown has definitely affected my work. For example, I was right about to start reshoots and filming some additional scenes for a movie when everything was shut down.  So, I’m looking forward to finishing up that project when everything reopens again.  Also, while I was not on Broadway when it closed, my heart breaks for everyone in theatre who does not have a job right now because there is so much uncertainty about when and how Broadway will reopen.


Back-tracking, how did you get involved in ““NOS4A2””? 

I got involved in NOS4A2 right after my Broadway run as Young Anna in the original cast of “Frozen.”  I auditioned for the part through a self-tape and booked the role!


How is it working with Zachary Quinto? I imagine, playing his daughter, you’ve developed a pretty close-knit friendship?

I am extremely lucky and grateful to have the opportunity to work with Zachary Quinto.  He is such a talented and dynamic actor; and a true professional. He takes his work, and his role as Charlie Manx very seriously.  Zachary is able unpack all the layers of Charlie in such a way that the viewers can see that he is not just a scary villain, but that there’s so much more to his character.  I’ve learned a lot about acting and developing my character just by watching him.  Zachary also has a silly side, and can definitely joke around with all of us, both on and off the set.  I really enjoy the time I get to spend with him when were in between scenes and takes.  We talk about what is going in my life, my school work, or a particular book that I’m reading.  He gives great advice and he has read a lot of books!


Have you kept in touch with the cast during lockdown? Lots of zoom calls? 

I really have been spending most of my time with my family during the lockdown.  However, it’s nice to be able to keep up with the cast and other people associated with the show through social media.  Now that the second season is about to air, I’m excited to get back in touch with the cast to catch up, and talk about the season.


How much are you like Millie?

Great question!  I think that first I need to say that there is so much more to Millie Manx than just a scary demon child.  She is fiercely devoted to her father, and has a genuine and unconditional love for him.  But also, she is very smart, and has a mind of her own.  She’s not afraid to trust her instincts and make bold choices because Millie has her own set of morals and questions that she needs answers to.  I think Millie and I share the same sense of boldness and bravery.  Like Millie, I’m developing my own sense of morality, and I’m making decisions based on my own belief system, learning from my mistakes and creating my own path.


This is such a different project to “Frozen 2”, obviously, but have you found that some of your “Frozen” fans have followed you over to “NOS4A2”? 

I couldn’t have played more opposite characters than Young Elsa in “Frozen 2,” and Millie Manx in “NOS4A2.” But there are definitely fans of both projects.  I do get comments on Instagram that fans enjoy my portrayal of both characters, so that makes me really happy!  I’m very grateful for the opportunity to portray such a wide range of characters.

Photo credit: Emily Assiran

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